Detroit Medical Center Calculator

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Calculator is based on first-order pharmacokinetic equations (Cp1=Cp0∗e−kt) and uses patient’s demographics and clinical information to help empirically dose patients. It carries some standard population-based pharmacokinetic parameters such as Vd estimations of 0.65 L/kg for normal hospitalized patients, using variable weight, there are varied ke equations from the Ducharme (aggressive) ke equation of ke=CrCl*0.0016, to the Matzke equation (least aggressive for significant comorbidity patients) ke=(0.00083*CrCl) + 0.0044. Specific colorings exist (red = less preferred) to help nudge clinicians to pick preferred empiric population kinetics. It utilizes a two-level calculator for AUC to calculate patient-specific pharmacokinetics.

Download Detroit Medical Center Free Bayesian Calculator

Download Detroit Medical Center Free Bayesian Calculator

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Infographic on Implementation: five tips for AUC-based dosing implementation