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Detroit Medical Center Free AUC Calculator

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Calculator is based on first-order pharmacokinetic equations (Cp1=Cp0∗e−kt) and uses patient’s demographics and clinical information to help empirically dose patients. It carries some standard population-based pharmacokinetic parameters such as Vd estimations of 0.65 L/kg for normal hospitalized patients, using variable weight, there are varied ke equations from the Ducharme (aggressive) ke equation of ke=CrCl*0.0016, to the Matzke equation (least aggressive for significant comorbidity patients) ke=(0.00083*CrCl) + 0.0044. Specific colorings exist (red = less preferred) to help nudge clinicians to pick preferred empiric population kinetics. It utilizes a two-level calculator for AUC to calculate patient-specific pharmacokinetics.

Download Detroit Medical Center Free Bayesian Calculator

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NEW! Contagion Article: Vancomycin AUC Implementation in Resource-Limited Settings and its Associated Difficulties

The latest article from SIDP illustrates the challenges of area under the curve (AUC) implementation and offers insights for strategies and resources to overcome them.
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Slide Sets

The 1-2-3’s of Vanc AUC: Tips for AUC-Based Dosing Implementation

A ready-to-use slide set for educating clinicians on implementing vancomycin AUC-based dosing.

Slide Set: The 1-2-3’s of Vanc AUC:Tips for AUC-Based Dosing Implementation

Download slide set as PowerPoint (.pptx) file



The 1-2-3’s of Vanc AUC

A downloadable, printable all-in-one infographic to assist you in educating clinicians on implementing vancomycin AUC-based dosing.

Infographic on Implementation: five tips for AUC-based dosing implementation

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