Continuing Education

Vancomycin AUC Dosing: From 20 Equations to a Single-Click

Wolters Kluwer and DoseMeRx; presentations by Kristi Kuper, PharmD, BCPS, FIDSA, CMWA, and Steve Mok, PharmD, BCPS, BCIDP
Goals: Discuss the complexity of AUC dosing workflows and the benefits of Bayesian dosing for vancomycin, Explore how pharmacy teams are adopting Bayesian dosing tools to streamline workflows, allow automated access to faster, more precise calculations, and proactively monitor therapy to reduce a patient’s risk of acute kidney injury (AKI), Discover best practices for standardizing care with a data-driven approach to dose optimization and keeping prescribing in line with your hospital’s antimicrobial stewardship goals and the CDC’s Core Elements, Demonstrate how with a single click, pharmacists can automatically calculate patient specific vancomycin dose recommendations to achieve a target AUC using key clinical data such as patient demographics,, laboratory values, and previous vancomycin doses given.
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Vancomycin Monitoring: The ABCs of AUCs

ASHP; presented by Michael J. Rybak, PharmD, MPH, PhD, Amit Pai, PharmD, and Anna Legreid Dopp, PharmD
Goals: Discuss alternate approaches to calculation of the Vancomycin Area Under the Curve (AUC), explain the rationale for using the Bayesian method for the therapeutic monitoring of serious methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections, and identify steps for transitioning from a monitoring approach using area under the curve over 24 hours to minimum inhibitory concentration estimates to the Bayesian method.
CE Credit: 1.0 hours through October 26, 2023

Implementing the 2020 Vancomycin Guidelines: What Every Clinician Needs to Know

MAD-ID; Moderated by Michael J. Rybak, PharmD, MPH, PhD with presentations by Emily L. Heil, PharmD and Erin K. McCreary, PharmD
Goal: Present different experiences and lessons learned implementing both the Bayesian and 2-level, post dose 1-compartment methods
CE Credit: 1.5 hours to participants passing a post-event learning assessment quiz
Supported by an unrestricted grant from InsightRx, Cepheid and Merck Sharp & Dhome

Optimizing Vancomycin Therapy: Transitioning from trough based to AUC/MIC based dosing

DoseMeRx; presented by Luigi Brunetti, PharmD, MPH
Goal: apply AUC based vancomycin dosing strategies using Bayesian dosing software using patient case examples and discuss strategies for incorporating AUC based dosing approaches into clinical workflow
CE Credit: 0.5 hours through July 31, 2022

Bayesian Dosing: Hitting the Bullseye – Antimicrobial targets and practical dosing methods

DoseMeRx; presented by Robert McLeay, PhD
Goals: Compare different dosing methods to reach a target concentration or area under the curve (AUC) and summarize when Bayesian dosing is an appropriate method to individualize patient pharmacotherapy
CE Credit: 1.0 hours through July 31, 2022



Implementing the 2020 Vancomycin Guidelines

DoseMeRx; Moderated by Kristi Kuper, PharmD, BCPS with presentations by Tom Lodise, PharmD, PhD and Ethan Smith, PharmD, BCIDP
Goal: Review the research behind the 2020 vancomycin therapeutic guidelines and discuss key learnings throughout a facility’s conversion to AUC-based monitorin



New Vancomycin Guidelines

American Society for Microbiology: Editors in Conversation; hosted by Cesar A. Arias, MD, MSc, PhD, with presentations by Dr. Catherine Liu, MD, and Michael J. Rybak, PharmD, MPH, PhD

Vancomycin Monitoring Guidelines

AJHP Voices; Moderated by William Zellmer, BSPharm, MPH, Contributing editor of AJHP with presentations by Jennifer Le, PharmD, MAS, FIDSA, FCCP, HCSHP, BCPS-ID, and Michael J. Rybak, PharmD, MPH, PhD



Will Pharmacists Adopt New Vancomycin Guidelines?

InsightRx Inc.; presentations by Sirj Goswami, PhD, Dan D’Orazio, Rita Jew, PharmD, FASHP, Julia Giddens, PharmD, BCPS-AQID, BCIDP, Jeffery Laux, PharmD, BCIDP
Goals: Discuss benefits and challenges of adopting the new guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic, review benefits of precision dosing on cost, patient safety and pharmacist workflow.

New Vancomycin Dosing Guidelines [2020]: What Pharmacists Need to Know

InsightRx Inc.; presentation by Jon Faldasz, PharmD, BCPS
Goals: Review major guideline updates, discuss preference of Bayesian-guided dosing and outline practical steps to implement guidelines.

Deciding Between Vancomycin Monitoring Approaches

InsightRx Inc.; presentation by Jon Faldasz, PharmD, BCPS
Goals: Review vancomycin AUC dosing options.

Vancomycin Dosing: From Trough to AUC

InsightRx Inc. and Premier Inc.; presentations by Michael J. Rybak, PharmD, MPH, PhD and Stacey Whitcomb, CIC, CLS
Goals: assess how AUC standardizes pharmacokinetic dosing and minimizes adverse events, discuss optimization of cost of care through fewer lab sample draws and review integration of AUC dosing into TheraDoc® workflow

A Brief Introduction to Vancomycin Bayesian Modeling

ClinCalc; presentation by Sean P. Kane, PharmD, BCPS
Goal: review the basics of using Bayesian modeling to more accurately dose vancomycin

Contagion Research Summaries

Contagion; presentation by Mario V. Beccari, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP
AUC-Based Vancomycin Monitoring Does Not Result in Higher Total Costs for MRSA Bacteremia

Contagion; presentation by Matthew Girgis, PharmD
AUC/MIC-Guided Vancomycin Dosing in Patients With MRSA Bacteremia



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