The “low-hanging fruit” of Antimicrobial Stewardship – what worked for you?

As hospitals and other healthcare facilities move to initiate stewardship programs, advice and experience from those who have gone before is tremendously helpful. Please share you experience with easy-to-initiate, low cost (money and personnel) initiatives that can have an immediate impact on quality of care by commenting here.

3 thoughts on “The “low-hanging fruit” of Antimicrobial Stewardship – what worked for you?”

  1. bossoja says:

    The tried-and-true formulary restrictions and antibiotic “time outs” always yield positive results.

  2. HS_ID says:

    How about “No antibiotic post op” for those on prophylaxis. I have not tried this BUT would like to know the obstacles that might be faced with this approach

  3. BRxAD says:

    Consider talking with your microbiology laboratory professionals to see how you can “nudge” prescribers to choose more appropriate therapy. For example, we have had some success with selective reporting of ciprofloxacin for Enterobacteriaceae (non-reporting if the organism is very susceptible):

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