The MAD-ID Advanced Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

The entire didactic/live component of the Advanced Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (AASP) will be delivered at our Annual Meeting, May 18-21, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The practical component, is completed by participants at their home institutions.

How do I register and what is the fee?
Beyond the basic meeting registration, an additional, full registration fee for the AASP is paid at the time of Annual Meeting registration.

What is required?
Participants must attend all sessions at the Annual Meeting designated as part of the AASP (including 4 of the 8 offered classrooms/workshops). In addition, participants must successfully complete an on-line quiz for each of these sessions by achieving a grade of 80% or better. To earn a certificate of completion, participants will also complete a practical component at their site of practice subsequent to the Annual Meeting.

Is there an extra fee associated with the practical component?
No! The full registration fee for our AASP, which is paid when registering for our Annual Meeting includes the practical component.

Can I attend AASP lectures and classrooms and earn CE credit without registering for the AASP Program?
Absolutely! All AASP sessions are part of the regular programming at the meeting and all attendees are welcome to attend. Pharmacy continuing education credit will be awarded for all sessions you attend (and there is no need to take/pass the quizzes although you are welcome to do so).

What is the intended audience?
The AASP is designed to meet the needs of those practitioners who have stewardship practice experience or basic stewardship training. It is not a program for those who require basic stewardship training. We offer an online basic program for those needs.

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